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MeC. Lyman McCallum, Jr., CEO of Chicora Antiques, Inc., has been proudly serving the needs of connoisseurs of finer 18th and 19th century American, English, and French antiques and decorative arts since 1990. After twenty-years, we have relocated from Charleston to Columbia, South Carolina, and are only open by appointment or show exhibition. By choice, we do not have a retail store, but remain vigorously active in serving our existing clientele as advisers and welcome new clients from our show exhibitions and website offerings. Our emphasis has always been on objects of true rarity, superior quality, originality, form, and condition. All of our merchandise is accompanied with a comprehensive written guarantee of authenticity, condition, and authorship, attribution, and provenance when available. It has been a pleasure establishing long and lasting relationships with our clients and hope you will become acquainted with our merchandise, expertise, scholarship, resources and services of acquiring and the study of material culture.

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Chicora Antiques, Inc. has recently updated our website with new additions to our inventory. We hope you will enjoy perusing our new offerings. The current economic climate provides collectors of fine art with tremendous opportunities in obtaining objects of great intrinsic value and artistic merit at exceptional value. This fact, in addition to our choice in eliminating our retail operation overheads, has prompted a re-evaluation of our inventory pricing. All items shown on our website now reflect these factors. We endeavor to persuade all who are able to do so, to take advantage of what is currently a true investment opportunity.

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Our twenty plus years experience allows us liberal access to items that appear at auction, estate sales, and privately throughout the country and abroad that might otherwise not be available to the inexperienced collector or the unseasoned novice. Likewise, we strongly advise against the beginner to contemplate these sources without first asking for the assistance and guarantee of a professional. Therefore, we are pleased to offer an inspection and authentication service for any piece that presents itself at any of these settings. At your request, we will personally examine, authenticate in writing, negotiate, and attempt to purchase on your behalf any object that presents itself at public or private sale. This service comes with the same absolute guarantee of condition and authenticity that accompanies our stock. The commission rate for such services varies, but generally averages around 20% of the purchase price. Please contact us for further information.


Phyfe Table J An exceptionally fine and rare New York City Brazilian rosewood veneered and ormolu mounted French Restauration style card or games table, definitely attributed to the cabinetshop of Duncan Phyfe & Sons, circa 1835-1841, with a ‘D” plan top with rounded corners, which succeeded Phyfe’s earlier tables, which typically had “canted” corners with a single, double, or four support, columnar bases, that were richly carved, and often times had painted “vert antique” feet and water-leaf gilded, or hand-stenciled decorations in the Grecian style which had permeated virtually all forms of American furniture, architecture, and decorative arts in the second quarter of the nineteenth century. This specific table is unique in the fact that there are no precedents of this exact form known to exist, either in private or public collections. When viewed as a whole, the table has an opulent and austere stance deriving from the proportions, and exotic materials employed in its’ construction. The front skirt contain a very finely cast ormolu mount of the Greek mythological figure of “Medusa” who was generally characterized as having a the hideous face of a human with dozens of venomous snakes emanating from her hair. In Greek, “Medusa” is translated to mean “protectress”. This present table is clearly a masterpiece from the “Greek Revival” era in America. The top pivots to open a “playing surface” which is inset with a green colored “baize” material and when opened, shows a marbleized lined pocket-drawer, the pattern of which has been definitely linked to a labeled Phyfe sewing table (see attached). The table’s top is supported by a robust single support pillar which ends in a “ringed” ormolu collar.


Phyfe Card table CB 5“The finest furniture to emerge from the Phyfe’s shop in the 1830’s and 1840’s is characterized by the brilliant figured veneers that define the otherwise understated aesthetic of the Grecian Plain style.” “Duncan Phyfe~Master Cabinetmaker in New York”, Peter M. Kenny and Michael K. Brown”, pages 250-252.


Phyfe 2”The quality of the crotch-mahogany veneers applied {on documented and attributed Phyfe furniture} is also truly extraordinary and lends credence to the Phyfe family’s long-standing claim that the finest-quality mahogany logs and crotches imported to New York from the Caribbean werereferred to as “Phyfe logs”. “Duncan Phyfe~Master Cabinetmaker in New York”, Peter M. Kenny and Michael K. Brown”, page 241.


Phyfe Table KOrmolu LThe base of the card table features four-stepped block feet, over which are applied four rosewood veneered or laminated scrolled standards or “consoles”; a design characteristic which is a persistent and anachronistic detail known to have been consistently utilized by the Phyfe workshop during the later stage of the “Greek Revival” style. The card table is fiercely architectonic in design and clearly espouses Phyfe’s complete comprehension and expressions in design and elocution of the understated aesthetic of the “Grecian Plain Style” during the years 1830-1840.


Scan0011Shown above: A related sofa table attributed to “D. Phyfe & Sons”, 1837-1847. Photograph courtesy of “Duncan Phyfe, Master Cabinetmaker of New York” plate 51, page 241.

CONDITION: Exceptionally fine and “unsullied” by time. The card table has no repairs or restorations of note. The “baize” playing surface is thought to be “non-original”, but is of very high-quality. The ormolu mounts are original to the table. The table been professionally conserved in a first-class manner, consistent with trade practices of the period 1830-1840. The recessed brass casters have been replaced.


Phyfe CEShown above: A related “cellaret”, made by “D. Phyfe & Sons”, 1841 Photograph courtesy of “Duncan Phyfe, Master Cabinetmaker of New York” plate 60, page 259. Collection of Richard Hampton Jenrette.

PROVENANCE: The author has been told by the present owner and has no doubt that the card table was purchased by the preceding owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, from Mr. Ike Hay (now deceased). Mr. Hay was a noted sculptor, professor, and past President of the Napoleonic Society of America for many years and a noted collector of Duncan Phyfe and American Neo-classical and Classical Furniture.

white houseShown above: A related “Pier Table”, circa 1841. This table is one of two pier tables by Phyfe sold in 1834 with other documented furniture documented on the bill of sale. Collection of  “The White House”, Washington, D.C. Photograph courtesy of “The White House; Its Historic Furnishings & First Families”, by Betty C. Monkman.

Duncan Phyfe Labeled Table BPhyfe Label ADuncan Phyfe Labeled Table AShown above: A related “sewing stand” labeled by “D. Phyfe’s Cabinet Warehouse, No 170 Fulton Street”, which displays the same interior marbleized paper well or “pocket-drawer”.



 Our clients’ utmost satisfaction is our number one goal. We endeavor to provide them with a great selection of antiques of superior form and condition. To that same end, we proudly warrant the authenticity and condition of everything that is owned and placed in stock by Chicora Antiques, Inc. and provide this guarantee of authenticity in writing, as described in our descriptions and comprehensive invoices. We take great pride in offering this assurance of guarantee to collectors of fine antiques and decorative arts, however, we do not issue cash refunds under any circumstances, except those pertaining to misrepresentation, in which case, a resolution equivalent to the purchase price is conditionally issued for objects that Chicora Antiques, Inc. has owned and sold. Resolutions are not subject to negotiation, and is issued only as shop credit for future purchases for items owned by Chicora Antiques, Inc., less the cost of shipping and insurance, provided it is returned to us in the same condition. Our stock is carefully reviewed for quality and condition, conserved as needed by qualified artisans, then fully documented and described in our shop texts.


We are delighted to allow any item in our inventory to be shipped, or taken, on approval, for parties who are seriously interested. We do require that any object taken, or shipped on approval be paid for in full, including shipping charges, and tax of the sale, when applicable, before it is removed from our stock. Sales made out of state are tax-exempt. This generous approval option is subject to the same terms, guarantee, and condition of the sale, as is composed in our detailed invoices, which clearly states that we do not issue cash refunds, under any circumstances, other than those pertaining to misrepresentation of age, origin, provenance, or condition. If that remote event were to occur, an immediate reimbursement will be presented to the buyer as a credit towards future purchases, or exchanges, from our stock, less the cost of shipping and insurance, provided it is returned to us in the same condition.

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Deferred Payments

Assembling a fine collection takes time. Therefore, we do offer extended payments at no extra charge for certain items. The only provision we require is that the piece remain on our possession until payment in full has been made.

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Time for a re-evaluation of your fine arts collection? We can help! Our confidence in our stock is so sound, we are happy to issue 100% shop credit for any item that was previously owned and sold at retail price by Chicora Antiques, Inc. This generous policy allows our clients to upgrade, exchange, or even reduce their collection, as they wish. No explanation required! It is truly a pleasure to re-handle our own merchandise. Exchanges are not subject to negotiation, but unlike stock or bonds, there is no broker trading fee!

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