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MeC. Lyman McCallum, Jr., CEO of Chicora Antiques, Inc., has been proudly serving the needs of connoisseurs of finer 18th and 19th century American, English, and French antiques and decorative arts since 1990. After twenty-years, we have relocated from Charleston to Columbia, South Carolina, and are only open by appointment or show exhibition. By choice, we do not have a retail store, but remain vigorously active in serving our existing clientele and we welcome new clients. Our emphasis has always been on objects of true rarity, superior quality, originality, form, and condition. All of our merchandise is accompanied with a comprehensive written guarantee of authenticity, condition, and authorship, attribution, and provenance when available. It has been a pleasure establishing long and lasting relationships with our clients and hope you will become acquainted with our merchandise, expertise, scholarship, resources and services of acquiring and the study of material culture.

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“Verbal appraisals” are a minimum of $95.00, an amount that is discretionary.

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Our twenty plus years experience allows us liberal access to items that appear at auction, estate sales, and privately throughout the country and abroad that might otherwise not be available to the inexperienced collector or the unseasoned novice. Likewise, we strongly advise against the beginner to contemplate these sources without first asking for the assistance and guarantee of a professional. Therefore, we are pleased to offer an inspection and authentication service for any piece that presents itself at any of these settings. At your request, we will personally examine, authenticate in writing, negotiate, and attempt to purchase on your behalf any object that presents itself at public or private sale. This service comes with the same absolute guarantee of condition and authenticity that accompanies our stock. The commission rate for such services varies, but generally averages around 20% of the purchase price. Please contact us for further information.


A very fine and rare New York City or Charleston rosewood, rosewood veneered, gilt, and stenciled work table, circa 1820-1825, attributed to the New York City cabinet shop of Brazilia Deming and Eratus Bulkley, active in New York and Charleston, South Carolina,  This work table has a hinged work surface, two-drawers, a grain painted tambour compartment, scrolled legs with gilt acanthus-leaf carved lion’s paw feet, and the original gilt-stenciling. The  very high-style and prolific gilding on this work table, as well as the unusual form, elaborate carving and exotic rosewood veneers, is also indicative of the workshop of Deming and Bulkley firm, whose output often exhibited a well-executed combination of freehand and stenciled applications

This very rare table, is one of only two New York City work tables, firmly attributed to the partnership of Brazilia Deming and Eratus Bulkley.

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A remarkable pair of classical gilt-stenciled rosewood dolphin-support card tables
attributed to Deming and Bulkley, New York City, 1815-1825, sold at Christie’s, New York City, January 23rd, 2009.

Please note that the gilt-stenciled “basket-of-flowers” that appear on both of these card tables are identical to the gilt-stenciled”basket-of-flowers” which appear on the present work table.

CONDITION: The present table has a very old surface, which has been professionally conserved and retains portions of its’ original finish. Remarkably, the fine stenciling remains completely intact. The stamped brasses are original, as is the ivory knob on the tables’ slide. The water-leaf gilding on the tables’ four legs has been refreshed according to museum conservation standards. The table has no notable repairs or restoration.

PROVENANCE: A distinguished private collection.

DIMENSIONS: Height. 29″, Width: 20 1/2″, Depth: 16″.


The importation of New York City furniture into Southern ports was extremely common in the early nineteegth century, particularly after 1810. Much of this furniture was made to order, or “custom commissioned”. Recent scholarship has proved that a there was a significant number of entrepreneurial cabinet-shops who brought their own wares into cities, such as Charleston, in order to market them directly to America’s growing elite. The purpose in so doing was to eliminate the challenges and frustrations customers faced in attempting to order goods out of state, sometimes from cabinet-shops often to busy to take orders. A letter from Mrs. Sarah Elliot Huger of Charleston demonstrates this:

“Mr. Phyfe is so much the United States rage that is with difficulty now, that one can procure and audience even of a few moments; not a week since I waited in company with a dozen others at least an hour in his cold shop and after all, was obliged to return home, without seeing the great man; However a few days since I had the great fortune to arrive at his house just at the moment he was entering and consequently extorted from him another promise that the furniture should certainly be finished in three weeks. The tables from $325 to $350; Phyfe says he cannot tell precisely the price”.

The New York City cabinet-shop of Deming and Bulkley began importing their products into the city of Charleston in 1818, they and opened a retail shop or “Ware-house” on King Street, which, by all accounts was extremely successful. A substantial grouping of furniture is now positively linked to their firm through invoices and other records, as well as by idiosyncratic details favored by the partnership. The highly-specialized motifs exhibited in the present table, most notably, the gilt-stenciling and and highly specialized “paw” feet, would strongly suggest an attribution to the workshop of Deming and Bulkley.  A recent study attributed ten card tables, containing either dolphin supports or feet, to the Deming and Bulkley workshop. All of these had Charleston, South Carolina, histories.


It is documented that in 1828, Colonel Thomas Pinckney of Charleston, ordered $1,330.50 worth of furniture and goods from the workshop of Deming and Bulkley for his Broad Street address, which included two rosewood sofas, an ottoman, two armchairs, two taborets, eighteen chairs, four-light wood chairs, seven satin damask window curtains, one marble top center table, two marble top pier tables, two card tables, four pictures, etc.

The cabinet-shop of Brazilia Deming and Eratus Bulkley was one the most significant cabinet firms making exceptionally high-style furniture in New York City between the years 1820 and 1840. Their partnership also brought the practice of gilt stenciling and pen work decoration the highest level.

Their firm, located at 56 Beekman Street, in New York City, also established a thriving retail business at 205 King Street in Charleston in the 1820’s. They became the most important supplier of fashionable furniture to the first families of Charleston for the next twenty-years as well as maintaining a thriving New York business.

Brazilia Deming (1781-1854) was a well established cabinetmaker in New York when he was joined in business by his cousin Erastus Bulkley (1798-1872) about 1820, Bulkley had already made his first trip to Charleston at the age of twenty in 1818. Seeing potential in the market there, Bulkley set up a retail establishment on King Street and began to advertise shipments of “elegant …Cabinet Furniture, from their Manufactory in New York.” which “for Elegance of Style and excellence of Workmanship, is equal if not superior to any ever imported to this City.” By capturing the very top of the market of the elite upper-classes with the finest Classical furniture in the latest French style, by 1825 they had become the dominant formal furniture supplier to the most affluent and “well-to-do”  upper-classes of Charleston, South Carolina, as is evidenced by the surviving documented examples with Charleston, South Carolina histories as is shown in this text.


A card table, one of a pair, firmly attributed to Deming and Bulkey, once owned by Colonel Thomas Pinckney of Charleston, which was part of his furnishings that he ordered from Deming and Bulkley, for his Broad Street residence now in the collection of “The Charleston Museum”.


A miniature oil-on-ivory from the collection of “The Gibbes Museum” of Colonel Thomas Pinckney, Jr. (1780–1842), 1801, by Edward Greene Malbone (American, 1777–1807); watercolor on ivory; 3 x 2 3/8 inches; Museum purchase; 1939.004.0003.


Two card tables, and a marble top center table, attributed to Deming and Bulkley, New York City, circa 1825 . (Photo, Gavin Ashworth.)


An American Classical mahogany card table, and a sofa, circa 1825, ascribed to the partnership of Deming and Bulkley, sold by Chicora Antiques, Inc., now both in a prominent private collections.


A similar, thought less successful American rosewood, rosewood grained, gilt-stenciled and gilt-wood work table, circa 1820-1830, attributed to Deming and Bulkley, New York City and Charleston, South Carolina, sold by Neal Auction, New Orleans, Louisiana, June 2011, lot #334.

If you are interested in acquiring this table, or if you would like additional information about it, please contact C. Lyman McCallum, Jr. at 1~803~834~3787 or simply email us at

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