A diminutive and finely carved Hepplewhite mahogany armchair, about 1785-1810, Great Britain

A diminutive and very uncommon English Hepplewhite mahogany “child’s” armchair, about 1785-1810. This exceptionally rare form was made exclusively to accommodate a youthful adolescent, as it is less than half the average size of a Hepplewhite period (1785-1810) dining armchair, and displays superior carving on its’ back often associated with a finer cabinetshop active in the United Kingdom during the Hepplewhite period

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Rare in any state, this captivating and quite exceptional armchair,  is largely unsullied by either time or the elements. Surprisingly, it has not sustained any breaks or repairs associated with smaller furniture forms that would deleterious affect its’ value. This armchair has radiant color and an early surface, with a deep lustrous “patina” of age. 

CONDITION: Exceptional with no significant condition issues.

DIMENSIONS:  Height: 26″, Width: 15 1/2″.

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