An excellent Federal mahogany bowfront bureau or chest of drawers, with reeded columns, New England, about 1810-1820

An excellent Federal mahogany chest of drawers, most likely northeastern Massachusetts, or New Hampshire, about 1810-1820

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The top of this chest of drawers or bureau is rectangular and displays three quarter-round corners columns that are reeded. The case itself possesses two smaller drawers above three graduated drawers. Each drawer is “cock-beaded” around all sides. The corners of this chest of drawers is defined by turned and reeded corner posts.

The whole case of this chest is supported by turned legs which created vertical extensions that parallel the vertical turned and reeded columns. This chest of drawers has, solid mahogany sides, and a shaped skirt, which are. Along its’ sides are simple, but very delicate, serpentine outlines and at its’ front is an elegant central drop.

During America’s Federal, or Neoclassical period, this specific form was extremely quite popular. This particular design enjoyed tremendous favor amongst the elite, or well-to-do”  citizens in the newly formed republic. Although numerous examples of this particular prototype exist, the attrition rate of those examples is quite high. This chest is an exception.

DIMENSIONS: Height 36 1/2″, Overall width: 45 1/2″, Depth: 23 1/2″.

CONDITION: Exceptional, with no major repairs or restorations whatsoever. The stamped brasses are period replacements.



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