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An excellent American Federal mahogany bedstead, likely New York, circa 1790-1810, with fluted foot-rails, the original wheeled casters, stamped brass bed-bolt covers, and headboard, with a dark and old finish. (For a larger image, simply click on any photograph) CONDITION: … Continue reading

An American Federal mahogany tall post bedstead, from Philadelphia or Baltimore, circa 1815 with a distinct New York Federal influence on the four carved posts. Each mid-post has a carved swag typically found on finer Philadelphia beds of the Neoclassical … Continue reading

A Virginia, most likely Norfolk,  late Neo-Classical mahogany four post bed, circa 1815-1820, acquired directly from an Eastern, North Carolina collection, with sublime proportions. The bedstead has a North Carolina history. The bed contains an interesting amalgamation of carved and design elements … Continue reading

A rare Charleston, South Carolina mahogany Neo-classical “Rice” Bedstead circa 1785. Sold to a Charleston, South Carolina collection

A superior example of an American Federal “Field” Bedstead from the first two decades on the early nineteenth century. Though the general form is relatively conventional for New England’s neo-classical era, this graceful example emphatically eclipses other bed of the … Continue reading

An excellent American Federal Mahogany four-poster bedstead from New York, circa 1810-1820 Two basic types of bedsteads were available to the American consumer in the Neo-classic period (1785-1820). The first was a “low -post” bed. These were fairly common and … Continue reading